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The use of the Internet broadcasting streaming technology allows a radio or television station did broadcast using Internet backbones. There are actually two types of services that can be presented by the Internet broadcasting, that is on-demand and live. For an on-demand, typically is broadcasting the broadcast media files that have been recorded previously. Indonesian television stations are already using the technology on-demand Internet broadcasting is SCTV. SCTV providing coverage of news events rebroadcast 6 that can be watched on the site http://www.liputan6.com. For radio stations such as on-demand broadcasts BBC Indonesian edition which can be heard on the site http://www.bbc.co.uk/indonesian.

While a live Internet broadcasting, or commonly known also by the term livecasting, broadcast a media file on the spot when an event in progress (real time). Indonesia one of the radio stations that use this technology such as radio Elshinta livecasting Jakarta, which broadcasts can be heard through the site pnm :/ / elshinta.indosat.net.id / live.ra. As for the television station in Indonesia, no one has done livecasting, except for one or two specific events that are incidental. The main problem is the readiness of the Internet infrastructure in Indonesia, because it requires livecasting Internet network with sufficient bandwidth and speed.

Abroad, especially in America, livecasting has even become one of the entertainment industry itself. For example, as offered by the site and www.liveonthenet.com http://www.liveconcerts.com.

Technically, Internet broadcasting using streaming technology is divided into two types, namely unicasting and multicasting. Sometimes we confuse the term broadcasting, unicasting and multicasting.

Broadcasting in everyday (non-Internet) is actually the process of sending data from one point to many points, as we send an e-mail to a mailing list, each point (a member of the mailing list) will inevitably receive e-mail us. The process is applicable to the broadcasting radio or television broadcasting over the airwaves (frequency) of certain real all frequencies are received by our receiver antenna. Staying we choose the frequency which we will listen (tuning).

While unicasting is the process of sending data from one point to one point to another, and non-real time basis as appropriate IP-based services. Process unicasting like us to send e-mail with the same content in one by one to our colleagues. In unicasting, a media file has been created, we store the first in a storage medium. If there are users who want to enjoy media files, then the file will be streaming the first by a streaming server before it is presented to the user’s computer. The process of delivering media files from storage media to the user’s computer happens repeatedly, depending on how many people who want to enjoy the file. For that reason, unicast is suitable for Internet broadcasting a non-real-time and on-demand.

Then multicasting is the process of sending data from one point to many points that are part of a particular group, and that it wants the data, such as when we send an e-mail to a mailing list that is limited work group. Multicasting is real time and share routes between points to get to the point of such diverse purposes. With multicasting, media files which we are made immediately taken to the streaming server to be streamed, and the results are instantly channeled right then and there to a certain point for distribution. The process of delivering media files from the manufacturing process to the user’s computer only happens once, when the media file is created for the first time. For that reason, multicast is suitable for real-time Internet broadcasting and live (livecasting).

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